Simon Koo - Artist

Becoming an artistsimon in art

Simon Koo was born in Macau, a former Portuguese Colony. He developed a love for art in his teens while attending seminary school. He used the quiet times to reflect and paint. Wanting to experience more of the world, he left Macau and moved to Canada in 1970. He worked days, and went to school at night to complete his high school diploma. Accepted into a number of university programs, he decided on Engineering at the University of Ottawa. After 20 years working as an engineer across Canada, his love of art inspired him to leave engineering behind and become a full time artist.

Simon's inspiration comes from his reflective nature and his style springs from his engineering background of structure and form. He developed his own unique styles by using straight A-lines. He is inspired by the everyday things that we take for granted. He takes a different 'view' on the subjects, unusual perspectives and experiments with lights and shadows. He captures 'moments in time' believing that every action is significant in the grand scheme of things. We all contribute to a much bigger picture: the human experience.

Simon shows regularly at various art festivals and major art shows across Ontario including Ottawa, Toronto, Fonthill. Visit the art news page for a list of current art shows.